Match Pulls & Snowstorms

Jeez! Louise! These things can cost between $10 to $30!!! I can make a match pull for pennies and a dozen snowstorms for three dollars worth of tissue paper that I can buy in the grocery store. Sure it takes a little time to make ‘em. But that is what hobbies are all about. Taking the time make something that works, all by yourself. There is a certain pride and joy in that. At least there is for...

Design Duplication

In 1992 I wanted to create a piece of magic in which an audience member became a mind reader “in training”. It would be a Karnac type routine, wherein the spectator would be placed in the starring role and receive all of the laughs and applause. I needed some type of punch to close the presentation. Perhaps the spectator really could reveal something truly astounding? Though I generally don’t...

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