Submission Guidelines

Secret Art Journal


You are our only source of information about your new, novel, or innovative development in magic education. We want to help you disseminate your best and brightest ideas. We welcome your submission. Past articles have fallen into one or more of these broad topic areas: Business, Diaries, Event Reporting, History, Interview, Magical Methods, Philosophy, Scripts, Technical Advice, and Theatre.

Preparation Tips

  1. Software: Please submit your article using Microsoft Word format, which is editable. Avoid PDF files, which are not editable.
  2. Length: 800-1000 words
  3. Font Size: 12 point font preferred
  4. Font Type: Recommend a serif font for the main narrative such as Times New Roman and a sans serif font like Arial for headings and subheadings
  5. Spacing. Single space each paragraph and insert a blank line between paragraphs
  6. One inch margins with ragged right margin (not double justified).
  7. Include photographs, graphs, charts, and other visuals in a separate file; however indicate in the text in parentheses where the visuals should appear. Photographs should be in high resolution for publication clarity purposes.
  8. If your article cites references to other publications, format them following the American Psychological Association Style Manual, which is online through Purdue University.
  9. No deadline exists. We operate on a rolling deadline policy. New articles will be posted at least once a month.
  10. The copyright for all SAJ articles is jointly held by the author(s) and McBride Magic, Inc.
  11. Submission Frequency. You may submit as many articles for consideration as you wish. Since we receive many submissions, we generally publish only one article per year per author.


Submit your articles to He will forward them to the McBride Publication Committee at its next meeting, which is Chaired by Jeff McBride. Your submission will be promptly acknowledged and you will receive a timely notice about the Committee’s decision. The Secret Art Journal reserves the right to edit submissions for format and content considerations, as appropriate. Feel free to contact Jeff regarding questions, concerns, or even if you wish a “sounding board” about your idea.

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