Tips from a professional Master of Ceremonies

1) Prepare for the show. It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many performers think they can just wing it as an MC.  You CAN wing it, but you don’t want to.  For a standard introduction, here are three bullet points that I find work well: 1) an accomplishment like an award or book; 2) a personal fact like where they live; and 3) something that appeals to the emotional side...

Illusionist’s Bookshelf

A recent workshop we offered here at the Las Vegas Magic School featured the Grand Illusions of the Pendragons. Our 2nd annual “Focus on Grand Illusion” was a fun and informative event. We had 13 magicians, men and women from all over the USA attending the 3 day event. Jonathan and Charlotte brought a few of their actual working stage illusions with them for a “hands-on”...

Women and Children First

Excerpted from Brad’s new lecture notes. Check for more information. Whenever I go to a magic club meeting and watch the performances, I notice that in almost every situation where a magician requires a volunteer they inevitably pick a woman (or girl, if available) or a child. My heart goes out to every magic spouse/girlfriend who has ever made the mistake of sitting in...

Getting YOU on Stage

The “en-trance”: There are many different ways to get to the center of the stage. One way is to have the curtains open and you are revealed. Another is to open by walking through the audience onto the stage. Yet another is to walk onstage from the wing. All have their advantages. The curtain reveal: Many magicians use this opening reveal, but it puts you at the mercy of the...

Good Directors Cut!

Few things are more enduring than the Zen thought “less is more.” In the creation and brainstorming period of a new piece, nothing gets edited; everything is put into the heap. I tend to overload each new piece with many layers of esoteric symbolism in an attempt to make it more profound. One day, I was rehearsing a routine in my studio. After many disappointing attempts to get the...

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