Black Dragon

By Jeff McBride and Gregg Webb Originally published in Hard Copy For more information about Gregg Webb and Hard Copy visit Here we have an item that can be used IN THE MIDDLE of a RED ASHES trick. For instance, I’m going to describe it as being a possibility to place it in the middle of the trick to come next, Phoenix from the ashes DELUXE. You’ll need a...

Gemstone Gift

A few words on gift magic Discussing the issue of off-stage magic with a great Los Angeles magician: “I really like to do more magic but isn’t it just plain weird to perform card tricks in a shop while I’m buying new clothes? How do you get away with that?” The question and the need for a coherent answer forced me to analyse quickly how I got away with it and my off-stage magic didn’t seem weird...

Illusionist’s Bookshelf

A recent workshop we offered here at the Las Vegas Magic School featured the Grand Illusions of the Pendragons. Our 2nd annual “Focus on Grand Illusion” was a fun and informative event. We had 13 magicians, men and women from all over the USA attending the 3 day event. Jonathan and Charlotte brought a few of their actual working stage illusions with them for a “hands-on”...

Anything Can Happen

I first saw the Orion count performed by Dan Garrett at lecture in Chicago. It’s a very pretty false count (think of a flourishy version of the flustration count) created by French magician Yves Dumerique which is explained by Reed McClintock on his video “The McClintock Twist” and in Dan Garrett’s lecture notes “2002 The Last Palindrome”. I saw this count...

The Snake Basket

I have loved the Khyber Cobra trick ever since I was a kid and saw it performed at the Boston Magirama/Magical. It is just one of those tricks that is so fun it just sticks in your head. It’s a classic. Collector’s Workshop makes a terrific remote controlled version of it. But since my lottery number hasn’t come up yet, I have developed this version. Its main advantage is that it is cheap to...

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