A visit to Mystery School and an interview with Jeff McBride by Av Dag Lofalk

I was in Las Vegas and had been in contact with Jeff McBride who had promised to set up and give a quick tour of his house and site of the Mystery School. Mystery School is a concept that he developed to support interested in magic and those who want to further develop their technique and presentation skill in the field of magic. Me and Kim Gordon who drove the car were searching for the correct...

Romany, the Magical Mistress of Ceremonies

Part One of Two (Romany, aka Romany, the Magical Mistress of Ceremonies, www.romanymagic.com ,is a British female stage magician working a quarter of the year on cruise ships and the rest in cabaret, theater and private performances. This article, part one of two, blends several of Romany’s prior publications in Vanish.) For the past twenty years, my dream has been to become a great performer of...

Illusionist’s Bookshelf

A recent workshop we offered here at the Las Vegas Magic School featured the Grand Illusions of the Pendragons. Our 2nd annual “Focus on Grand Illusion” was a fun and informative event. We had 13 magicians, men and women from all over the USA attending the 3 day event. Jonathan and Charlotte brought a few of their actual working stage illusions with them for a “hands-on”...

The Magician’s Wand, Part 4

THE WAND OF THE CONJUROR During the middle ages, conjurers began using wands to imitate their religious counterparts. They began assigning great powers to their instruments. Magic wands were commonly used by European conjurers by the 15th Century. In fact, a gaffed wand, loaded with a rolled-up playing card, was first mentioned in 1740. Since the 19th Century, tarot cards featured early...

The Magician’s Wand, Part 3

THE WAND OF THE WIZARD Several thousand years ago, the ancient Druids of Great Britain carried wands, usually made from a hazel or mistletoe branch, with a pine cone attached on one end in honor of Dionysus, the god of the vine or trees. This wand was later called the Priapic wand, named after Priapus, the Roman god of procreation. Priapus was often equated with Pan, the nature deity of Greece....

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