Have a drink by Butzi

(Butzi is a inventive French magician that Jeff McBride often works with. Butzi is a frequent contributor to the Secret Art Journal.) This routine was created for a show called “Coffee Show” I created it for coffee specialists. Later, I applied the same principles and made it accessible for everyone in a show called “Refreshing”. Effect: The participant is asked to choose one type of drink among...

How to Turn a To-Do List into a Ta-Da List! By Craig Conley

(Craig Conley is author of HarperCollins’ One-Letter Words: A Dictionary, Weiser Books’ Magic Words: A Dictionary, and most recently The Young Wizard’s Hexopedia.  His more arcane publications include A Field Guide to Identifying Unicorns By Sound, A Guide to Séance Parlor Feng Shui, and A Manual on the Care and Feeding Of A Spirit Board. In this article, he systematically extends Bob Neale’s...

Thumb Tip Holder 3000 by Butzi, Magicien

(Editorial note:  Butzi is a French magician that I work with often. He’s a frequent contributor to the Secret Arts Journal. He says “People use to call their discovery ‘something 2000’. I decided to be ahead of my time and call the thumb tip holder:  ‘Thumb Tip Holder 3000’ “ The final product is seen above. – Jeff). THE AIM...

“Nic load” by Nicolae Mihale

Hello, My name is Nicolae Mihale Before I begin I must mention that I hold the cards in my right hand so if you are using the other hand please reverse the actions that I’ m going to describe. Short history I came up with this move while I was practicing the Roy Walton’s paint brush change. I was doing the move while walking on the road and instead of keep doing a double lift every...

Wheels of Mystery

Not long ago, I watched the 2007 J.J. Abram’s TED Talk about unseen mysteries and the potential that they represent. A centerpiece of the talk is a “mystery magic box” from Tannen’s Magic Shop, which Abrams bought as a young boy. Abrams still has it and shows it to the audience during his fascinating speech. The box was sold as a “grab bag”—the contents of the...

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