Match Pulls & Snowstorms

Jeez! Louise! These things can cost between $10 to $30!!! I can make a match pull for pennies and a dozen snowstorms for three dollars worth of tissue paper that I can buy in the grocery store. Sure it takes a little time to make ‘em. But that is what hobbies are all about. Taking the time make something that works, all by yourself. There is a certain pride and joy in that. At least there is for me. Maybe now, for you, too.

Match Pulls
I’ll start with the match pull. You will need a large box of strike anywhere kitchen matches, a playing card, a safety pin, and some really small rubberbands.

If you have a kid with braces you know what I’m talking about. Go to any orthodontist and they will give you some of these rubber bands (though you might have to show them a trick). They are perfect.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the striking surface of the matchbox into little strips about 1/4″ wide and 1 1/2″ long. (Sometimes I use medium grade emery paper from the hardware store, it works better) Then cut your playing card into strips that are just a little bit longer and wider than your striking surface. Fold all the strips in half. Striking surface inward.

Nest the playing card over the striking strips. Loop both pieces through the safety pins. Take a wooden match and place the head inside the striking surface. Secure the bottom part of the fold card and striking surface together with the little rubber band. In a pinch I have cut the very nipple end off an animal balloon or just twisted a larger rubberband a million times around the end of my matchpull and it still works. Pin this pull to the inside of your coat lapel or in your pocket, or wherever you wish to pull a lit match from. When you pull the match out it will come out lit.

These match pulls are usually good for about six times each. That is why I make a bunch at once. Then it is easy to replace them every few shows. Bidabang badabing…instant matchpull.


To make your snowstorm you need to buy tissue paper in the wrapping section of almost any department or grocery store. It comes with several sheets all-together. Perfect!

Keeping the sheets together cut a one-inch strip. Be careful to keep the layers of tissue paper together and lined up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it helps. Next cut this one-inch strip into one-inch squares. With each cut allow the new squares to land on the old squares making a pile of one-inch squares. Try to keep them lined up like a deck of cards. The pile doesn’t have to be perfectly square, but it helps. Do this two more times till you have three little piles of one-inch squares. (IMG 5741) You can make your squares smaller, but you have to be pretty nimble of finger to keep them all straight.

Make one more one-inch strip FROM A SINGLE SHEET of tissue papers about three-inch long.

Now here is the tricky part. You definitely do not want to sneeze at this moment. Pick up each pile of squares and place it on the other pile of squares. Try to keep them lined up. They don’t have to be perfect, but it helps. With one hand squeeze the pile as flat as you can between your thumb and your first two fingers. Then take your three inch long strip and wrap it one and a half times around your pile. Secure it with a small piece of clear tape. If you have excess tissue paper from your three-inch strip, tear it off and secure it with the tape.

You’re done. You now have a snowstorm. Pick up this packet from whatever secret hiding place you have. Open up your Chinese Fan. As you do this you can either dig your thumbnail under the securing strip (not on the taped side) and break the seal or you can push out some of the pieces with your middle finger and the whole packet will come apart in your hand. Fan like crazy and welcome winter with a beautiful snowstorm.

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