Principles: The Three Laws of Perception®

In this second part on The Magic of Creating we will explore my Three Laws of Perception®. I had already written this essay but decided to rewrite it together with my good friend Tom Meseroll, the Martial Magician. He brought the physics of perception into the mix. As a result the Laws are even more inescapable than before. So fasten your seatbelts because, paraphrasing Niels Bohr -the famous...

Pondering About Magic and Creation

It was my 5th birthday. Although he was no magician my father knew some magic tricks and he was going to do a small show for my friends. But before they arrived he took me into his room, lit a cigarette, took a few puffs. Then he closed his hand into a loose fist. I watched with amazement as if I felt something extraordinary was about to happen. He took the cigarette out of his mouth, dropped it...

Gemstone Gift

A few words on gift magic Discussing the issue of off-stage magic with a great Los Angeles magician: “I really like to do more magic but isn’t it just plain weird to perform card tricks in a shop while I’m buying new clothes? How do you get away with that?” The question and the need for a coherent answer forced me to analyse quickly how I got away with it and my off-stage magic didn’t seem weird...

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