The First Timers

Two young amateur magicians were invited to be in the big show… what was it like for them?

Presenting The First Timers (Magic Show) a photo documentary about newcomers to a Magic Show, by Ashton Vazquez. The interviews were held while preparing for Cavalcade of Magic, Nov. 15, 08, in Columbia, SC. It features Bauer Westeren, a young Mind Reader, and Cameron Burks, a young Escape Artist. They are guided by Joey Vazquez, and John Tudor, and also seen is magician Brandon Wagster.

Cavalcade of Magic was a recital show, with two advanced students and two young beginners. The advanced students (Joey and Brandon) acted as the teacher/facilitators, as well as performing in the show. Especially effective was the written statement of theme that each of the First Timers was required to create. The young escape artist had a fascination with Houdini, and his theme was the human ability to escape from obstacles, particularly inner, emotional obstacles. The mentalist had a “connections” theme to his act, with the human interaction being the means that he could read the minds.

The show itself was a bit nerve wracking, but was a big success from both an artistic and financial point of view. In particular, as the audience was full of kids, we considered it a success that the mind reading act in particular went over so well.

The show itself was put on by by the Society of American Magicians #284/Society of Young Magicans #132. The day of performances was a fundraiser for Glenforest School.

Titles by John Tudor.

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