Experiments in Magic Theatre

Enter the Sandman… What if you were called on to play a magical character in a video, film, or play? To be a vampire, for instance, in a Halloween show? Or Merlin? Or Willy Wonka? How about a scary demigod from a comic book, with an edgy modern circus? Or, what if you just want to try something new? To find a new style? To grow as a performer and experiment..? I did, and still do! Welcome...

The First Timers

Two young amateur magicians were invited to be in the big show… what was it like for them? Presenting The First Timers (Magic Show) a photo documentary about newcomers to a Magic Show, by Ashton Vazquez. The interviews were held while preparing for Cavalcade of Magic, Nov. 15, 08, in Columbia, SC. It features Bauer Westeren, a young Mind Reader, and Cameron Burks, a young Escape Artist....

To Be A Magician

“Magicians are born, not made.” — Carl Herrman, Personal Recollections It’s an experience most of us have in common. My first recollection of understanding of the uses of magic was many years ago on an exploratory walk through the east side ghetto of my hometown of Newburgh, New York. A child of maybe six was sitting on a dirty stoop in the middle of a deserted block,...

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