“Vanishing Water” Magic by Chris

“This effect is so impromptu, and the method is refreshingly pure” Jeff McBride Be sure to watch Magic by Chris perform it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NIVqdiuszm4 Since his earliest encounters with the thrilling and inexplicable world of magic, Chris Budyka has been a dedicated student of its endless secrets. Magic By Chris finds himself in high demand as both a performer...

Should I go to Mystery School Masterclass? My view by Romany

(Romany, aka Romany, the Magical Mistress of Ceremonies, www.romanymagic.com ,is a British female stage magician working a quarter of the year on cruise ships and the rest in cabaret, theater and private performances. ) Magic is tricky. The journey towards a well polished, complete and satisfying routine is paved with...

A Rose by Any Other Name… by Master Payne

(Master Payne has been skillfully entertaining audiences in and around the Pacific Northwest with his award winning magic show for over 35 years. In this provocative article, he calls for a more realistic assessment of the art of magic – and magicians.) A common belief, popularized by many books on the history of magic, contends that the modern magician...

The Tao of Don Alan By Tim Glander

(This article is an update of a presentation Tim made at the 2015 Magic and Meaning Conference. While the Chinese philosophy of “Tao” – pronounced “dao” – has multiple definitions, it is used in this context to mean the philosophy and pathway that reflects Don Alan, a premier close-up magician. Tim’s relationship with Don began 1975 when he audio recorded Don’s “Ethics in Magic” lecture at the...

Have a drink by Butzi

(Butzi is a inventive French magician that Jeff McBride often works with. Butzi is a frequent contributor to the Secret Art Journal.) This routine was created for a show called “Coffee Show” I created it for coffee specialists. Later, I applied the same principles and made it accessible for everyone in a show called “Refreshing”. Effect: The participant is asked to choose one type of drink among...

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