“Get Real” — The Most Important Feat of Magic? by Craig Conley

When the latest news from quantum physics (and frankly the oldest news from Buddhism) proclaims that the universe is one big illusion, the magic community might get a certain thrill: the entire universe, literally the oldest trick in the book?! But then a sinking feeling: do magicians need to stop striving to be /real/ professionals, /real/ successes, if nothing is genuine?  More troubling,...

“24/7” – Game On by Geoffrey Grimes

An inaugural recipient of the “Eugene Burger Legacy Award,” Geoffrey Grimes, a member of the IBM and SAM, is a performing magician and 2019 president of the Fort Worth Magicians Club. “Hey, magic man!” came the shout from across the college plaza between buildings. “If you’re so good, man, you won’t have to reach into your pockets!” After years of staging community magic shows at the...

Audio Ape Recommendation By David Reed-Brown

David Reed-Brown has been a professional magician since 1998. He has been one of Jeff McBride’s primary “audio guys” since 2000. David writes Magic Tech articles for the Magic and Mystery School’s Secret Arts Journal and produces Pro Hacks video segments for Mystery School Monday’s online video classes. He is regular guest faculty for those classes and frequently lectures for the school’s annual...

A visit to Mystery School and an interview with Jeff McBride by Av Dag Lofalk

I was in Las Vegas and had been in contact with Jeff McBride who had promised to set up and give a quick tour of his house and site of the Mystery School. Mystery School is a concept that he developed to support interested in magic and those who want to further develop their technique and presentation skill in the field of magic. Me and Kim Gordon who drove the car were searching for the correct...

Squeeky, The Golden Voice Thrower By Gary R. Brown

In an unsuccessful attempt to acquire the most coveted, albeit useless, ventriloquism gizmo of the 20th  Century, I inadvertently unearthed a deeper, darker and far more dangerous ventriloquial secret.   Ironically, though as ineffective as the original object of my search, this newly uncloaked gimmick bears ...

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