The Monkey and the Wall

This is a presentation for Robert Neale’s lovely effect Brick Wall.

Monkey and The Wall

One day, the spirits of the world above
and the spirits of the world below
met to solve a problem.
What to do about Monkey? They were tired of his tricks.

“Let’s pool our resources,” Said the Jade-Emperor.
He always talked like a politician.
“We can build a wall to keep him out of both our worlds!”
And he had his people draw up plans.

One half of the wall was built by the spirits of the upper world.
The other half was built by Yen-Lo-Wang, the god of Death, and his servants.
The four Ocean Dragon-Kings mixed the mortar.
And the two halves of the wall were pushed together blocking the way to both worlds.

But Monkey approached the wall from the other side.
There he saw a hole and he slipped though.
Every night he would sneak into the upper and lower worlds
stealing freely from both.

Every morning the wall was inspected
by the guards of the world above
and the guards of the world below
but they never found the hole.
They were all safely trapped inside.

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