Sound Systems for Magicians 2023

By David Reed-Brown Welcome to the wonderful world of sound systems for magicians. When audio doesn’t work well in a show for me, it’s my nightmare! Audiences, in fact, will forgive many things, but not poor audio, whether it’s live or online. Unless you are a silent act, what is the point of all your preparation if they cannot hear you? Good audio can make magical performances by 2 or even...

The Magic Tech Road – Commando Show Bags & Audio

As technology advances, new systems come while others go to their home up yonder.  As a 40 year old father of two very active little boys, I had to create my own Commando Show out of necessity.  I needed a highly visible one-hour show that packed flat and was ready to go at a moment’s notice.  I carry it in a $50 shoulder bag that can be carried on a plane.  It sets up in less than 15...

A Practical Magician’s Case-Table, Part 2

AFFORDABLE OPTONS $50 A number of years ago on Richard Robinson wrote some interesting articles on affordable stage tables. In one article he suggested getting a cube-like fibre musician’s case for about $50. I think it could be an 18-24” cube. You will want all the corners to be reinforced with metal for durability. This case is like a sample case. It consists of two boxes, which...

A Practical Magician’s Case-Table, Part 1

At this stop along The Magic Tech Road I would like to consider practical road cases that have a dual purpose: to transport props and to help manage them on stage as a table. Remember this is about a one or two person cabaret show for that one-night-only one-hour performance. The subject of cases is huge, so let’s focus. I am not talking about all stage tables, illusion cases or the smaller...

Audio Equipment Revisited, Part 2

As I mentioned in last installment of The Magic Tech Road, there have been improvements in audio technology, which are a great asset to magicians. These include new versions of Kelly Duro’s Virtual Soundman, budget sound system options and portable PA systems from Apollo, Anchor and especially SOUND PROJECTIONS. I also have recommendations for speaker tripods and audio cables. WIRELESSS VIRTUAL...

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