The Magic Tech Road – Commando Show Bags & Audio

As technology advances, new systems come while others go to their home up yonder.  As a 40 year old father of two very active little boys, I had to create my own Commando Show out of necessity.  I needed a highly visible one-hour show that packed flat and was ready to go at a moment’s notice.  I carry it in a $50 shoulder bag that can be carried on a plane.  It sets up in less than 15...

A Practical Magician’s Case-Table, Part 2

AFFORDABLE OPTONS $50 A number of years ago on Richard Robinson wrote some interesting articles on affordable stage tables. In one article he suggested getting a cube-like fibre musician’s case for about $50. I think it could be an 18-24” cube. You will want all the corners to be reinforced with metal for durability. This case is like a sample case. It consists of two boxes, which...

A Practical Magician’s Case-Table, Part 1

At this stop along The Magic Tech Road I would like to consider practical road cases that have a dual purpose: to transport props and to help manage them on stage as a table. Remember this is about a one or two person cabaret show for that one-night-only one-hour performance. The subject of cases is huge, so let’s focus. I am not talking about all stage tables, illusion cases or the smaller...

Audio Equipment Revisited, Part 2

As I mentioned in last installment of The Magic Tech Road, there have been improvements in audio technology, which are a great asset to magicians. These include new versions of Kelly Duro’s Virtual Soundman, budget sound system options and portable PA systems from Apollo, Anchor and especially SOUND PROJECTIONS. I also have recommendations for speaker tripods and audio cables. WIRELESSS VIRTUAL...

Audio Equipment Revisited, Part 1

Given the current state of electronics available to the average magician, this is a good time to revisit the issue of audio equipment. However, let me first restate that the purpose of our “Magic Tech” column is to consider some of the technical issues for a practical one or two person stand-up show. In several years of producing my own self-contained cabaret act for 50 to 300+...

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