The Therapeutic Effects of Magic

by Mark CarbonaroI am writing this article for a few reasons. One reason is to shed light on the fact that many artists, including magicians, suffer from mental illness. Another reason is that I want to be an advocate for people struggling with mental health and introduce my magic therapy program for those who suffer from mental illness. I have been a magician since I was eleven years old and I...

The Meta-Magic of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz by D. Michael Smith

“Like all great stories, The Wizard of Oz provides a template that allows us to open ourselves to the hidden capacities we had forgotten we had; the creative potentials we didn’t know how to use; and the deeper knowing . . . that is within every one of us. We are so much more than we thought we were.”  (The Wizard of Us, Jean Houston, 2012, p. 12) When I was five years old, I saw the movie,...

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