Tales from the Street – to Busk or not to Busk

The day that changed the cause of my life was in the summer 1990! Whilst on a world wide tour doing odd jobs but mostly  selling my hand crafted Jewelry – I returned to the UK for a brief time and  during my stay I went to Covent Garden to visit a shop known as The Bead Shop to replenish my withering stock that i needed  for my hand made crafts. After  this  I went to the well known street...

Mario’s Top Ten Tips for Street Performing

I have been street performing for more then 15 years and I love what I do – it has allowed me to travel, teach, and perform at festivals all around the world.  It has  given me the training and experience required for me to gain work as a festival worker, cabaret performer, close up magician and write and perform my own one man show.  Everything I do stems from street theatre.  I have...

Privileges of a Street Performer

Over there! It’s happening here! — Just about to start! Magic show, it’s good, I know I’ve seen it before! These are just a couple of lines I have used to gain the attention of the passing public when I start a street show. Street theatre is an art form I simply love — more so — Magical Street Theatre, changing people’s lives who simply had no plans at all to watch a show. Then, they find...

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