It’s Never Too Late to Learn from Your Mistakes

I published an article entitled Getting the Gigs in October of 2010.  The article was sent in by our dear friend, and “head mother” of the World Magic Seminar Teen Weekend, Chris Koch.  Shortly after it was published, I got a somewhat obscure email from Jeff asking me to take the article offline while we investigated a claim of plagiarism. I’m pleased to say that the article is...

Getting the Gigs

HOW TO MARKET YOUR CHILD OR SELF AS A MAGICIAN As a magician, especially a young magician, it is very hard to get magic gigs.  If you want to earn real money as a magician, you need to treat your magic as a business.  When marketing your child/self, don’t put all of your advertising dollars in one form of advertising.  The more places you have your message seen, the better the chances you have...

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