It’s the Same Every Time: Master Class Observations

I have an interesting position at the Magic & Mystery School. I’m technically faculty, but I have asked not to be paid (other than a small travel stipend which I usually spend on dinners with the gang). In addition to all of the web and technical work, I donate about six weeks of my time every year to teach at the Extended Master Classes. Why, you may ask, would I do this? Those of you...

Eugene Burger: An Inteview with Max Maven

[On June 1, 2003, Eugene lectured to a packed house at the Magic Castle. After performing and discussing four routines, and explaining one of them, he introduced Max Maven, who conducted an on-stage interview. This was transcribed by Robert Charles, and then trimmed by Maven’s heavy editorial hand.] EUGENE BURGER: When I was thinking about this lecture I said to Max, “You know, you interview all...

The Writing on the Wall

Inspiration sometimes comes from the strangest places. Without a doubt, one of my most inspired moments came in a bathroom. Strangely enough, Jeff has had the same experience in the same bathroom. The bathroom of interest belongs to Gary & Tam Stadler. Gary is the Techno Wizard that you hear about from Jeff now and then (and my best friend). Tam is his wife and the first person to make me...

Lessons Learned

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” — Chinese Proverb I must admit: I’m obsessive when it comes to keeping a journal. Who could blame me? I get to spend many hours (sometimes months, as in the case of our recent Atlantic City adventure) with some of the greatest minds in magic. I was inspired to begin sharing my notes during a recent...

Who Cares?

“After all, when was the last time a layperson said to you, ‘So, you’re a magician! Can you put a cigarette through a quarter?'” –Darwin Ortiz, Strong Magic “There are many rooms in the house of magic,” says Eugene Burger. Over the past decade Eugene and others have opened yet another door with “Meaningful Magic” etched prominently into the...

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