Magical Moments

Look around you – I mean it- look around. Did you see anything magical going on? Is anything happening that is unexplainable? Maybe not, but if you pay attention, real moments of magic will happen right in front of you. Even though I have been performing magic for three years now, it took me those entire three years to experience a moment of real magic. I experienced a moment like this...

Beyond Bizarre

The 2005 “Beyond Bizarre” magic workshop in Las Vegas defies easy description, because the sages who organized the event sought out to transcend limiting terminology. It was a workshop about magic, certainly, since there were indeed lessons on the mechanics of tricks, but more than half the routines pushed the envelope of traditional definitions of “bizarre magic.” It was...

Handling Humans

Grand stage illusionists, clever sleight of hand performers, mysterious mind readers, and wise guy stand-up performers are in many ways worlds apart in their approach to the art of magical entertainment. But all of these modes of performance share a common challenge. Humans. We all have seen shows ruined by a poor choice of assistant from the audience. We all have seen routines sent tumbling...

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