Magical Moments

Look around you – I mean it- look around. Did you see anything magical going on? Is anything happening that is unexplainable? Maybe not, but if you pay attention, real moments of magic will happen right in front of you. Even though I have been performing magic for three years now, it took me those entire three years to experience a moment of real magic. I experienced a moment like this...

Magical Persistance

Better keep moving on, better keep moving on, Don’t let my hopes slip away. Dream as if I’ll live forever, Dream as if I’ll live forever, Live like I’ll die today. Zoe Lewis What is this driving desire to create art with the tools and craft of magic, to build structures of solid wonder, to birth moments of astonishment, spun sometimes through with lyrical beauty, sometimes with rib-cracking...

The Highs and Lows of a Travelling ‘Diva of Magic’

“Gotta keep moving on, gotta keep moving on Don’t let my hopes slip away Dream as if I’ll live forever Live like I’ll die today” — From “Moving on” by Zoe Lewis Strong coffee and a big slice of cake is the reward for gritting through the ‘why-do-I-go-but-strangely-I-enjoy-it’ Saturday morning boxing class. Divas of Magic keep muscles...

The Bali Journal

Ah, draw near, beloveds, and let me tell of you of our journeys, of where the Fire and the Magic have taken us. Listen to the stories inside my words, and hear the heart of humanity, beating on, and on. These worlds are happening every day, now, somewhere, someone is experiencing a similar moment to the one I saw, and witnessing the kaleidoscopic beauty of Now. See through my eyes, as I...

In Search of Better Magic

The scenario: Romany takes to Las Vegas to spend 3 months polishing her magic cabaret act ready to host and perform an evening show in the Las Vegas Wonderdome to be attended by some of the world’s most prestigious magicians. Eeeek! And cor blimey!!! One of my favourite magic teachers, Eugene Burger, says that good magicians are created one effect at a time. That’s one effect,...

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