Turn Up the Light

Magic is the shadow cast by the fire of the soul. — Michael Fraughton Dear student of the art, There are some who say that magic is a dance between shadow and light. There must be darkness to create mystery, true, but there must also be light in order to perceive it. One of the practical problems of darkness and light is encountered onstage. A PRACTICAL PROBLEM I often get asked by young...

People Support What They Help Create

NO SPECTATORS One of the maxims I live by is “People support what they help create.”  This holds true in just about any organization, political movement, internet group, club and yes, even in the theatre or at a magic show.   I currently feel that the more audience participation there is in a show, the more successful that show becomes.  If you look at current Las Vegas shows, the ones that have...

Audiences: Remembering and Forgetting

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of audiences: audiences that come to a show to remember, and audiences that attend a show to forget. It is amazing how different these audiences can be, and how their attention spans differ. An experienced performer can tell the difference between these two audiences and can change their performance style, script and even magic effect...

Black Dragon

By Jeff McBride and Gregg Webb Originally published in Hard Copy For more information about Gregg Webb and Hard Copy visit http://www.polarismagic.com Here we have an item that can be used IN THE MIDDLE of a RED ASHES trick. For instance, I’m going to describe it as being a possibility to place it in the middle of the trick to come next, Phoenix from the ashes DELUXE. You’ll need a...

The Many Faces of the Magician

Eugene Burger and I have been working together, creating magical events for magicians for 15 years. We learn a lot from our students and are often amazed at the diversity of magi we attract to our events. We often teach for large groups at major conventions, sometimes hundreds of people at a time. Over the years, we have worked with breaking down these large groups into smaller more personal...

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