Romany, the Magical Mistress of Ceremonies

Part One of Two (Romany, aka Romany, the Magical Mistress of Ceremonies, ,is a British female stage magician working a quarter of the year on cruise ships and the rest in cabaret, theater and private performances. This article, part one of two, blends several of Romany’s prior publications in Vanish.) For the past twenty years, my dream has been to become a great performer of...

It’s Never Too Late to Learn from Your Mistakes

I published an article entitled Getting the Gigs in October of 2010.  The article was sent in by our dear friend, and “head mother” of the World Magic Seminar Teen Weekend, Chris Koch.  Shortly after it was published, I got a somewhat obscure email from Jeff asking me to take the article offline while we investigated a claim of plagiarism. I’m pleased to say that the article is...

It’s the Same Every Time: Master Class Observations

I have an interesting position at the Magic & Mystery School. I’m technically faculty, but I have asked not to be paid (other than a small travel stipend which I usually spend on dinners with the gang). In addition to all of the web and technical work, I donate about six weeks of my time every year to teach at the Extended Master Classes. Why, you may ask, would I do this? Those of you...

Build your own Home Magic Theatre!

I have a lovely little theatre in my home and I really appreciate the luxury of having a permanent theatrical space to rehearse! The project was inspired by Jeff McBride who has his own home theatre and who teaches his Masterclass students that this is a sure-fire method to improve one’s magic performance. It’s the easiest way to try out new stage material to a friendly audience and...

Magical Moments

Look around you – I mean it- look around. Did you see anything magical going on? Is anything happening that is unexplainable? Maybe not, but if you pay attention, real moments of magic will happen right in front of you. Even though I have been performing magic for three years now, it took me those entire three years to experience a moment of real magic. I experienced a moment like this...

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