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Thumb Tip Holder 3000 by Butzi, Magicien

(Editorial note:  Butzi is a French magician that I work with often. He’s a frequent contributor to the Secret Arts Journal. He says “People use to call their discovery ‘something 2000’. I decided to be ahead of my time and call the thumb tip holder:  ‘Thumb Tip Holder 3000’ “ The final product is seen above. – Jeff). THE AIM...

TOUCHING MAGIC by Butzi, Magicien

Have you ever lost control of a group in a table hopping situation? Or maybe you were not satisfied of your audience reactions. What could have happened? Why is it that some magicians can easily win a group over while other struggle? With some reflection, it appeared to me that you have to be accepted in the group before anything. THEN you need to take control in the first 5 minutes. This...

“Nic load” by Nicolae Mihale

Hello, My name is Nicolae Mihale Before I begin I must mention that I hold the cards in my right hand so if you are using the other hand please reverse the actions that I’ m going to describe. Short history I came up with this move while I was practicing the Roy Walton’s paint brush change. I was doing the move while walking on the road and instead of keep doing a double lift every...

Anthony Darkstone In Conversation With Abigail Spinner McBride

We sometimes come across the term, “Renaissance Man.” It is used to describe extremely talented and remarkable people. Abigail Spinner McBride is an extremely talented and remarkable Lady. Therefore, I have every reason to describe Abigail as a “Renaissance Lady.” She is a Spiritual, Esoteric, and Versatile Musician, Singer, Dancer, Percussionist, Writer, Priestess, Businesswoman, and a...

Anthony Darkstone – In Conversation With Jeff McBride

Introduction Those of you familiar with my series, both written & live, will know that I usually have an established way of introducing my Guests. Of necessity, this time I will deviate from my norm. As you peruse, my reasons will become self-evident. It was an unusually cold night in Las Vegas. Christian Diamond, Jason Andrews and I were at Amazing Jonathan’s Halloween Party a few years...

Cups and Balls Housekeeping

Housekeeping? Okay, so what do I mean by housekeeping? Have you ever watched a performer and thought for some reason that they could do better but couldn’t quite put your finger on it? The performance was okay and the magic was strong but there was just something… Have you ever thought that a performer looked lost or didn’t seem to have their finger on the ball (no pun...

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