Cups and Balls Housekeeping

Housekeeping? Okay, so what do I mean by housekeeping? Have you ever watched a performer and thought for some reason that they could do better but couldn’t quite put your finger on it? The performance was okay and the magic was strong but there was just something… Have you ever thought that a performer looked lost or didn’t seem to have their finger on the ball (no pun...

Simple Gifts

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of gift magic. Gift magic is a remarkable thing. It can be performed as one piece in a larger performance or as a stand alone effect. But it is so much more than just leaving someone with a souvenir. There is great power in Gift Magic. Gentle power, but power all the same. It builds confidence, it brings us back to the basics and it exalts the art. Dr....

Experiments in Magic Theatre

Enter the Sandman… What if you were called on to play a magical character in a video, film, or play? To be a vampire, for instance, in a Halloween show? Or Merlin? Or Willy Wonka? How about a scary demigod from a comic book, with an edgy modern circus? Or, what if you just want to try something new? To find a new style? To grow as a performer and experiment..? I did, and still do! Welcome...

El Taumaturgo Interview with Jeff McBride

I am starting with a rather cryptic question, please forgive me for that. But I’ve always felt that there is a lot of “magic” in your magic. What’s the way, in your opinion, to surpass a mere exhibition and go into an emotional experience?  Tricks engage the mind as puzzles.  In order to impact your audience on deeper levels, more thought has to be put into the various elements that...

Volunteer Fail!

I have more experience than a lot of people when it comes to being a volunteer from the audience. I’m a woman who loves magic, and that makes it very hard to just blend into the crowd at a magician meeting or event. Over the years, the experience of being called on to stand on stage as a magician’s volunteer has become something I dread, and I don’t think I’m the only one. At every magic show I...

A few thoughts on making a success of this magic malarkey!

I’m just passing on my experience, it may not be for everybody, but it worked for me! First and foremost you need a good mentor – someone you really respect and look up to. (I was lucky enough that my mentor was Roy Johnson, and occasionally Ken Brooke offered me some invaluable advice). I never had a teacher as such, as sometimes this restricts you from developing your own style. This person...

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